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Dating site ads zens job

Dating site ads zens job Dating site ads zens job

Company department associated with the interview. What are the different types of steps I can define in my custom pipeline? You can define four different types of steps, each one has a semantic meaning that is used to define what actions can be associated with that step.

Step type Meaning New Used to triage candidates who have just entered the pipeline but aren't ready for screening yet. Screening Used to screen candidates before scheduling more in-depth interviews with them.

Interview Used to handle scheduling and managing interviews for candidates that have passed screening steps. Selected Meant for datings site ads zens job that have passed screening and interview steps but haven't been hired yet. Product How do I get to my career site? Go to the Overview tab and click on the career site link under Shortcuts.

Click on your name in the right top corner, select "My account" then check or uncheck notifications as click the following article wish. Go to the Settings tab, click on the "Communication" tab, then decide which type of communication should be automated.

How can I delete a candidate?

Ads job site dating zens

Go on the candidate profile you want to delete, in the top right menu, click on "Delete". How can I disqualify a candidate? Go on the candidate profile, in the top dating site ads zens job menu, click on "Disqualify".

How can I edit a candidate profile? Go on the candidate profile you want to edit and click on "Edit". How can I unpublish a job from my career site? Go on click Jobs tab, select the job you want to unpublish and then go under the Publications section.

On "Your career site" row, click on the "Cancel" icon to unpublish the job from your career page. Where can I see candidates who applied to my jobs?

You can see them on every job page, under the "Active candidates" section. Or you can find them right in the candidates pipeline under the Candidates tab. How can I add a dating site ads member? Go to the Team tab, click on "Add user" and then input user information. Go to the Team tab, hover on a member and use the icons on the right side to either edit or delete. How can I add, edit or remove locations and teams?

Go to the Settings tab, click on "Localization". Then add, edit or remove them as you zens job. How can I share my job openings on social media? You can share your openings on social media directly on Zenploy or from your career site by using the social media icons.

Go to the Settings tab, click on "Referral Program" and manage your employee referral program from there.

How do I search for candidates? Click on the search bar at the top. Input a name, phone number, tag, position or company name to dating site ads zens job candidates. Tip: You can also use filters to reduce the number of candidates shown. How can I cancel or edit an interview? Go on the candidate profile. In the "Interviews" section click on the cancel icon or the edit icon for a given interview.

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How can I collect applications from non partner job boards? If you posted your job ads to non partner job boards, there are two solutions to collect your applications into Zenploy: 1.

Place the unqiue job url at the beginning or at the end of your job ad.

This way we will automatically track which site candidates came from Recommended. You can also use the unique email address, which is automatically generated when you create a job, to route all your applications into Zenploy. How can I collect applications from partner job boards? Nothing to do, it's all automated once you've published to them!

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How can I post jobs on social networks? To post your jobs on social media you have to enable integrations under the Integrations tab. Once you create jobs you will be able to post jobs on the channels you activated. Each time a person click on one of your jobs url on the web Google, Social media, Job Boards, etc.

You can find all candidates channel tracking in the Analytics tab.

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How can I invite a recruiter to join the discussion about a candidate? If one of your team members is not involved in the hiring process of a candidate, you can use the dating site ads zens job e. An email will be sent to him with the comment details. If your team member has been involved in the hiring process of a candidate, you have nothing to do.

He will be notified as soon as you post a message. How.

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